• The patented Radiographic Registration Devices (RRD) are designed and manufactured by nSequence. CT guided proprietary services are available by visiting their website and clicking on the green button to start your first case.
  • An RRD is a Radiographic Registration Device allowing a patient to be scanned immediately, without a lab fabricated scan appliance. An RRD includes properly positioned markers to enable the CT Scan to be used for Computer Guided Surgery.
  • The RRD device eliminates the need for a lab fabricated custom scan appliance, saving hundreds of dollars and eliminating days of lab fabrication time.
  • An RRD device should NOT be used for mostly edentulous cases, fully edentulous cases or when placing more than 3 consecutive implants.
  • Instructions on using the RRD device are available here,and are included with all RRD orders.
  • Warranty and service provided by nSequence.

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