Tackable Synthetic Membrane

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Tackable Synthetic Uni-Layer Membrane

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Inion GTR™ Biodegradable Membrane System is intended to be used as a barrier membrane in dental guided tissue regeneration (GTR) and guided bone regeneration (GBR) procedures. The system consists of dental membranes and tacks made of biodegradable co-polymers composed of L-lactic, D-lactic, glycolic acid and trimethylene carbonate. These polymers degrade in vivo by hydrolysis into alpha-hydroxy acids that are metabolized by the body.

The biodegradable Inion GTR tacks are used to fasten the membranes. The dental membrane provides a barrier over 8-12 weeks in vivo, and resorbed thereafter. The plasticizer provided temporarily softens the membrane and is used to facilitate the handling and shaping of membranes. Inion GTR Biodegradable Membrane System implants are sterile, non-collagenous and non-pyrogenic.

The Inion GTR Biodegradable Membrane System is indicated for the surgical treatment of periodontal defects such as class II furcation defects, intrabony defects and recession type defects; for pre-implant and peri-implant surgery; and for covering bone defects and empty sockets.

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