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Improving Patient Care
with Blue Sky Plan

Blue Sky Plan is a leading, state-of-the-art, dental implant treatment planning software and is used around the world.

With this advanced dental software, dentists review and analyze all considerations when determining the ideal dental implant placement. Using Blue Sky Plan, your dentist has access to many powerful tools that can be used to measure the jaw, determine the bone density, proximity to nerves, vital structures and much more.

Personalized Treatment and Care

Your dentist can virtually place the dental implants into a digital version of your mouth to determine the perfect implant placement. Ideal implant placement has great looking results that last a long long time. Best of all, it makes the implant placement process a short and straightforward process with the least amount of discomfort and fastest recovery times.

But thats not all! Using Blue Sky Plan, and 3D printing technology, your dentist can convert the digital treatment planned on the computer to a custom template made just for you. Wearing the template during the implant placement procedure helps the dentist place the dental implants in reality, exactly as they were planned on the computer.

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