Features Blue Sky Bio Straumann-ITI®
Internal 8° Taper Yes Yes
Compatible with other companies' instrumentation and parts Yes Yes
Easy mountless insertion Yes No
Easy backing up of implant Yes No
Indexibility of abutment Yes (SynOcta® compatible) Yes (SynOcta®)
Surface roughness for enhanced osseointegration Yes (blasted with medium and acid washed) Yes (blasted with non-resorbable medium and acid etched)
Orthopedic Grade 23 – Titanium 6AL-4V ELI (especially important for thin implants) Yes No (weaker grade 4 titanium)
Available narrow neck implant with internal taper Yes No (external oct)
Availabe narrow neck implant compatible with regular abutments Yes No (external oct)
Narrow implant allows coverage of implant neck with prosthetics Yes No (undercut)
Universal preparable abutment Yes (2 sizes) No
Abutment/Analog design for impression without need for pick-up components Yes (abutments and analogs have added matching dimples) No (2 piece system)
Abutments can be inserted in narrow areas with .048 hex driver Yes No
Abutments can be inserted with other companies' drivers and torque wrenches Yes Yes (except .048 hex)
Price $ $$$