Insert abutment, (either Sphero Block or Sphero Flex). Tighten the abutment with finger pressure until resistance is felt and then tighten another 1/4 turn.
Place the directional rings below the ball of the abutment. Directional rings are available in three amounts of correction; White is 0 degrees, Green is 7 degrees, Red is 14 degrees. Snap on the female nylon insert. Using an explorer, rotate the direction rings until the female inserts are all parallel.
Remove the female nylon insert and insert a protective disk over the ball of the abutment. Insert the female nylon insert into the stainless steel housing. Then snap the stainless steel housing with female nylon insert onto the ball abutment.
Relieve the prosthesis until it does not contact the steel housings when fully seated. Fill the relief holes with self-curing resin and position the prosthesis in the mouth. Allow the resin to cure with patient in full occlusion.
When the resin has hardened completely, remove the prosthesis. Remove the protective disks as well as the directional rings. Refine the prosthesis and remove excess resin. Adjust the occlusion and flanges as necessary.
Finished prosthesis
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Laboratory Technique