Blue Sky Bio offers custom abutments using Swiss Screw Machines to create a superior custom abutment connection. This is more accurate and has a better fit than the common 5 axis machine method.

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whiteMetal® OPAQUER

Picture of whiteMetal<sup>&reg;</sup> OPAQUER (
 SizePart #PriceQty.
whiteMetal Opaquer, 1 gramWM1$55.00
whiteMetal Opaquer, single unitWMSU$7.50

whiteMetal® is a light cured, resin based opaquer, with zirconia particles for titanium abutments.  It masks the metal with a layer of only 25-50 microns and has an excellent bond strength of 35 MPa.  whiteMetal is intended to be covered by a restoration and not designed to be left exposed.


DESS Scan Bodies

Picture of DESS Scan Bodies (
 SizePart #PriceQty.
Scan Body DESS NC, BIO | Quattro / Straumann bone level (Requires SRSQ)50.043$25.00
Scan Body DESS RC, BIO | Quattro / Straumann bone level (Requires SRSQ)50.044$25.00
Scan Body DESS 3.5, BIO | Internal Hex / Zimmer Tapered Screw Vent (Requires SIH01A)50.017$25.00
Scan Body DESS 4.5, BIO | Internal Hex / Zimmer Tapered Screw Vent (Requires SIH01A below)50.018$25.00
Scan Body DESS 3.5, BIO | Trilobe / NobelReplace (Requires SLN18)50.004$25.00
Scan Body DESS 4.3, BIO | Trilobe / NobelReplace (Requires SLN20)50.005$25.00
Scan Body DESS 5.0, BIO | Trilobe / NobelReplace (Requires SLN20)50.006$25.00
Scan Body DESS 3.5/4.0, BIO | Conus 12 / Astra OsseoSpeed (Requires SDH35)50.024$25.00
Scan Body DESS 4.5/5.0, BIO | Conus 12 / Astra OsseoSpeed (Requires SDH50)50.025$25.00
Scan Body DESS Narrow, BIO | Max / NobelActive (Requires SRJH)50.041$25.00
Scan Body DESS Regular, BIO | Max / NobelActive (Requires SRTHR)50.042$25.00

Custom Abutment purchases are not eligible for refund or exchange.

BIO | Custom abutments are certified to be compatible with Blue Sky Bio implants and are manufactured by AmericaSmiles, who is responsible for the design and quality of the abutment.

After purchase - Download and complete the order form.  Email to  Print a completed copy of the order form and mail it along with the impression, opposing model, bite registration and a scanned image of the implant label to:

AmericaSmiles, Attn: Keith, 80 Towncenter Drive, University Park, IL  60484

Phone:  708-367-1207

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