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JUELL 3D-2 Printer Packages

Picture of JUELL 3D-2 Printer Packages (
 SizePart #PriceQty.
Juell 3D-2 Printer including: Printer, installation and shipping. No computer or monitor included.J3DPDNOPC$7545.00
Juell 3D-2 Printer including: Printer, computer, monitor, installation and shipping.J3DPDPYESPC$8545.00

Additional Supplies

 SizePart #PriceQty.
JUELL 3D Volo, Clear,4kg 70/100 micronsJ3DV-10-4$699.00
JUELL 3D Volo, White,4kg, 70/100 micronsJ3DV-20-4$699.00
JUELL 3D Volo, Caramel,4kg, 70/100 micronsJ3DV-50-4$699.00
JUELL 3D Micro Volo, White, 4kg, 50 micronsJ3DV-20M-4$699.00
JUELL 3D Micro Volo-Ortho, Stone Peach, 4kg, 50 micronsJ3DV-60M-4$699.00
JUELL 3D Mrcro Volo, Charcoal, 4kg, 50 micronsJCDVC-70M-4$699.00
JUELL 3D Micro VoloCast, Blue, 4kg, 50 micronsJ3DVC-40M-4$699.00

JUELL 3D-2 Printer Details:

  • The printer can print at 50 microns including the x,y and z axis in combination.
  • The print tray can fit 6 to 8 surgical guides if the surgical guides are laying down horizontally.  Print time is approximately 2 hours.
  • The print tray can told 12 to 18 surgical guides if the printer is printing them vertically (on their side).  Print time is approximately 4 hours.
  • One kilo of resin can print approximately 50 surgical guides.
  • Printing a surgical guide uses approximately $2-$3 of material.
  • The machine's footprint is 24x24x34 inches.
  • Click here for warranty information.
  • Click here for JUELL 3D specification sheet.

There is a lead time of approximately 4 weeks from order date until delivery and installation.  Installation and training is provided at no additional cost by Park Dental Research.  The 3D printer is manufactured by Park Dental Research and they are responsible for delivery, installation, warranty and service of the 3D printer.  All questions regarding the printer, operation, delivery, installation, training, and service should be directed to:

Park Dental Research

Phone:  800-243-7372


Training on designing and fabricating surgical guides is provided remotely by Blue Sky Bio.  Blue Sky Bio products included in the package ship separately.