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Polident PMMA Cad-Cam Discs

Picture of Polident PMMA Cad-Cam Discs (
 SizePart #PriceQty.
PMMA disc A1-20-98, 5-Shoulder MultilayerPMMAML.023$90.00
PMMA disc A2-20-98, 5-Shoulder MultilayerPMMAML.047$90.00
PMMA disc A3-20-98, 5-Shoulder MultilayerPMMAML.071$90.00
PMMA disc B1-18-98, 5-Shoulder MultilayerPMMAML.075$90.00
PMMA disc B1-20-98, 5-Shoulder MultilayerPMMAML.095$90.00
PMMA disc A1-18-98, 5-Shoulder MultilayerPMMAML.151$90.00
PMMA disc A2-18-98, 5-Shoulder MultilayerPMMAML.159$90.00

Suitable for fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges and for verifying the bridge on the plaster model / in mouth before the final ZrO2 milling process.


Polident Pink Cad-Cam Discs

Picture of Polident Pink Cad-Cam Discs (
 SizePart #PriceQty.
Pink disc - A3-30-98, 5-Shoulder full denturePMMPFD.544$90.00
Pink disc - A2-30-98, 5-Shoulder full denturePMMPFD.546$90.00
Pink disc - A1-30-98, 5-Shoulder full denturePMMPFD.545$90.00

Can be used to mill digitally designed highly esthetic and functional dentures.