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- Take X-rays at any point in the procedure
- Image quality equal to wall mount unit
- Portable for ease of use
- No installation necessary

-Up to 400 X-rays on one charge
- No wall mount required
- Rechargeable battery
- High image quality




Features & Specifications

X-ray Generator Type: High Frequency Inverter
X-ray Tube Latest Toshiba Technology
Tube Voltage: 70KV DC
Tube Current: 2mA
Anode Type: Stationary
Anode Angle: 12.5
Focal Spot: 0.4×0.4 mm
X-ray Control Exposure time from 0.01 to 2.0 sec (0.01 sec step)
Power Requirement 12.6 VDC 1.5A
Dimensions 6.5″ (w) x 6.1″ (H) x 2.4″ (D)
Battery Li-Po 11.1V
Weight 4.6 lbs including battery, shield


The MobileX handheld portable x-ray generator produces significantly less radiation than wall mount units. Ideal for instances such as Pedo, Endo or Oral Surgery or for offsite purposes when the operator must be in the room or near the patient during exposure.

Complete kit includes MobileX unit, power supply with cord, USB card manual and aluminum carrying case with keys.

1 year warranty on unit.

1 year warranty on battery.

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Warranty and technical support offered by Denterprise International, Inc.  877-509-3180


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Best customer service

Anonymous, ohio

We had two mix-ups when we ordered the Mobile-X. The customer service department was very understanding, and better they were incredibly efficient in getting the issues resolved. I have never had better service! The Mobile-X has been a good addition to our office!

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