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Picture of Shining3D (BlueSkyBio.com)
 SizePart #PriceQty.
3D Scanner
Including 6 free Blue Sky Plan STL Exports

Exocad Software

Picture of Exocad Software (BlueSkyBio.com)
 SizePart #PriceQty.
Exocad SoftwareEXO-S$4000.00
Bar Add-onEXO-Bar$750.00
Splint Add-onEXO-Splint$950.00
DicomViewer Add-onEXO-DV$600.00
Implant Add-onEXO-Implant$750.00
Model Creator Add-onEXO-MC$1450.00
Provisional Add-onEXO-P$650.00
Tooth Library Add-onEXO-TL$650.00
Trusmile Add-onEXO-T$600.00
Virtual Articulator Add-onEXO-VA$650.00
Exocad Annual UpdateEXAMF$800.00



- Camera resolution: 1,300,000

- Computer Minimum Display Requirement:  Nvidia GTX 750
- Accuracy: <15μm - Scanning Range: 100mm*100mm*75mm
- Scanning Time: bite:13s - upper/lower jaw: 30s, 1-8 dies:30s - impression:120s
- Scanning Principle: structured light
- Temperature: 10°C to 30°C (higher temperature will affect the scanning result)
- Dimension: 260mm*270mm*420mm
- Weight: 5kg
- Output Format: STL, OBJ
- Interface: USB 3.0
- Power: AC 24V

- Model and impression scanner software included

- No yearly maintenance fee

Good accuracy for restrative, surgical guides and orthodontic applications

After sales support supplied by Shining3D and Blue Sky Bio.
One year warranty from date of delivery offered by Shining3D.
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U.S. sales only.

Triple Tray Scan by Cory Glenn


Scanning Alginate Impressions by Cory Glenn


Shining3D Support Videos

Model Scan            https://youtu.be/L3PKsEq1vKo
Articulator Scan      https://youtu.be/yiJZvGhTzm4
Triple Tray Scan      https://youtu.be/AbpNvSI5QfQ
Texture scan           https://youtu.be/wp-b7yLtDPo
Dust clean              https://youtu.be/wN-CsqrK8J0
Calibration              https://youtu.be/0-GI0DageO4
Impression scan with bite record    https://youtu.be/m1W0xaUtoYI