BIO | Cut is a complete keyless computer guided surgical kit requiring only one drill.

The direct cut BIO | Cut drills have a special design with vastly improved cutting efficiency. Sequential drilling with the use of multiple drills in guided surgery is not needed. Thus, only the final osteotomy drill is needed. Direct cut drills improve the ease, efficiency and safety of the guided surgery procedure. They also eliminate the need for a special guided surgery kit or keys.

If you would like to use BIO | Cut as a UNIVERSAL solution, use the widest BIO | Cut drill that is equal or less than the apical diameter of the manufacturer's final drill for the implant that is being placed. Use the final manufacturer's drill without the surgical guide to complete the osteotomy.

If you are using BIO | Cut with a lab fabricated guided template ask the lab to fabricate a BIO | Cut template and include the relevant parts. Otherwise, select the drill, drill stop, and guide tubes from the parts selection page on the Blue Sky Bio website.

Video Presentation of the BIO | Cut System Video of a BIO | Cut 48-second Surgery BIO Cut surgical guide system BIO Cut frill with bit BIO Cut drill BIO Cut implant setting