Blue Sky Bio is proud to release the newest version of Blue Sky Plan. The latest version of the treatment planning software has more features, better functionality and of course is still FREE.

You thought Blue Sky Plan was already amazing? Here is what makes V3 so incredible:

  • Tangential View: View a full 360 degrees around any implant or any anatomical structure.
  • Virtual  Teeth: Complete your treatment plan by adding virtual teeth directly into your treatment plan. Implants can automatically be positioned based on the location of your virtual tooth!

(Blue Sky Plan is not the smart  choice just because it's free. It's the smart choice because the fantastic features and functionality that will help you and your practice....and of course being free doesn't hurt :) )

  • Collision Detection: To close to a nerve? Another implant? The collision detection setting will let you know. Change the default distance setting to meet your needs.
  • Improved MAC performance: Love Apple? So does Blue Sky Plan! Enjoy it on a Mac computer / laptop. Send treatment plans seamlessly back and forth between Mac and Windows Computer.
  • Implant Library: Our new CAD  implant library now includes our Astra Compatible and NobelActive® compatible implants, in addition to our previous Straumann, Zimmer and NobelReplace® compatible lines.

(Go ahead and install Blue Sky Plan on as many computers as you like.)

  • CAD Abutments: Add 3D abutments to your treatment place based on their actual design.
  • Tooth Extraction: Going to be extracting a tooth? Extract the tooth in your computerized plan. Toggle the extracted tooth on and off to help with proper treatment planning.
  • Improved 3D visualization: View the anatomy in high quality volume rending with better visualization options.
  • Implant alignment: Create an exact duplicate of an implant, or align one implant based on the positioning of another implant. Paralleling implants has never been easier.
  • Images and reports: Like what you are seeing? Save it into the image basket.  Want images of all implant views? Add it with a click.  Slices all the way around the curve? Add with a click. Generate a report? Click. Add patient information? Click. Your practice information? Click. Scanner Data? Click. Implant information? Click. Print? Click. PDF? Click.
  • Importing models and scan appliance: The revamped process makes importing models and scan appliance faster and more accurate. Positioning can be modified after the surface import.
  • Improved DICOM processing: Eliminate annoying problems with multiple series, selecting the wrong folder or not finding the series. Blue Sky Plan searches the directory for any and all treatment plans. The improved process makes loading DICOMS and the relevant field of view easier than ever.

(Tip for the day: Save thousands of dollars by downloading Blue Sky Plan!)

  • Better Panoramic curve: The panoramic view and nerve identification relies on the panoramic curve. Draw and manipulate the curve easy and quickly for accurate nerve identification and treatment planning.
  • Look and feel: The new version has a look and feel. Different background, screen layouts, improved buttons and much more.  Blue Sky Plan remembers how you like and your screen settings will be saved by the software and loaded each time you run it.
  • Full Compatibility: While of course, everyone loves Blue Sky Bio implants, Surgical Guides can be fabricated for all implant and drill systems.
  • Training: A full toolbox of free training is available including: feature focused video training tutorials,  live webinars, remote one-on-one training (1 CE), prompt email and phone support.
  • Work with your local lab: It has never been easier for your local lab to start manufacturing Computer Guided Surgical Templates.  Tell them to contact us at Plan@BlueSkyPlan or 312-423-6529.
  • Export to STL: Innate STL export functionality allowing a lab or experienced dentist to export elements from the treatment plan for 3D printing of guides and anatomical structures (contact BlueSkyBio for details).

Instead of just reading about how great Blue Sky Plan V3 is, DOWNLOAD AND GET STARTED.


*Blue Sky Plan V3 will not open treatment plans created in Blue Sky Plan V2.

* The following system requirements are required:

 Operating system:  Windows 7 Home/Professional, or Mac OS X Lion/Mountain Lion
- Processor:  Intel Core i3, Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD FX 4xxx, AMD Phenom II X2, AMD A4
- RAM memory:  3 GB
- Video Card.  NVidia or ATI / >1GB Video RAM
- Monitor:  14 inch / resolution at least 1440 X 900