Fracture Resistant Advantage

Fracture Resistant Placement (over 100Ncm)

Blue Sky Bio's patented J Driver™ is designed to deliver implants with a high degree of safety. The J Driver™ system can tolerate forces well in excess of 100Ncm. Torque forces that exceed designed limits will result in the J Driver™ breaking in a safe zone. The implant can then be safely backed out. The osteotomy site can be tapped using a hard bone protocol and the implant can be reinserted. It is physically impossible to damage an implant on insertion using the J Driver™ system. Despite the J-Driver™’s remarkable ability to withstand load, we do not recommend insertion forces higher than 60Ncm due to the risk of pressure necrosis.

The J Driver™ system is only available with Blue Sky Bio implants and is not compatible with any other implant system.