FREE crown with the purchase of a BSB SKY-Base Abutment


Offer valid only to clinicians in the USA meeting eligibility requirements.  To receive this service, please email  Once eligibility is confirmed, a coupon code for 50 crown services is issued.

1. Visit (login or register)
2. Complete the order form and attach patient scan
3. Enter the BSB implant and component information
4. Enter the coupon code and check out

Once approved, the crown is delivered from Innometive Dental Lab in the United States.  The crowns are manufactured from FDA and CE certified zirconia blocks.  The crown will be produced and mailed to you within 72 business hours.  If the option to have the lab cement the crown before shipping is selected, a $20 fee applies.

Shipping options:  US Postal Service $9 / UPS Ground $13 / UPS 2nd day $23 / UPS Overnight $55.