The Trilobe Implant System is being retired. No returns.  Individual implants are $50 per unit.  Practice Building Kits are $117.  Most prosthetics and instrumentation are 50% off.


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As good as the big guys

Michael Burgardt, Ludington, Michigan

I have been using Blue Sky Bio Trilobes for about a year now and have placed 30-40 implants. All have integrated. Even one with barely any initial wouldn't torque to 10 Ncm (was placed in a massive defect with tons of grafting), but I was able to REVERSE TORQUE it to 35 Ncm 6 months later. Ive also had them integrate when placed to 70 Ncm. I love that these implants platform switch and the tissue and bone response has been BETTER than when I used Nobel Replace.

Satisfied customer

Bill Holden, Edmonton, Alberta

BSB makes a number of great products for the experienced implant dentist. Our centre has placed several hundred of their trilobe implants over the years, and we have been quite happy with them. What is more, the staff and owners of the company freely make themselves available to support users with technical questions. I continue to recommend BSB to other implant dentists.

Great product, great service

Bruce Ringdahl, Columbia, MO

I have been using Blue Sky Bio products and could not be happier. All backed up by a great service staff. Great quality delivered economically.

Savings Equals More Cases

Michael Johnson, Durango, CO

I charge less than anyone around me to place implants because of the savings on BSB implants. Because I charge less, I do more cases, which makes both me and my patients very happy.

Very Happy

R Peter Sonntag, CO

I've been using the Blue Sky Bio trilobe system for several years and have been very happy with this system. A great implant at a great price. Thanks

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