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3.0 Platform Abutment

Picture of 3.0 Platform Abutment (
 SizePart #PriceQty.
MPA 3.0 Kit
(including abutment, analog and screw)
MPA 3.0 AbutmentMPADH30$102.00
3.0 Implant Level AnalogBDH30$32.00
Additional Abutment Screw (only compatible with Blue Sky Bio abutments), Conus 12, 3.0mmSDH30$19.00

whiteMetal® OPAQUER

Picture of whiteMetal<sup>&reg;</sup> OPAQUER (
 SizePart #PriceQty.
whiteMetal Opaquer, 1 gramWM1$55.00
whiteMetal Opaquer, single unitWMSU$7.50

whiteMetal® is a light cured, resin based opaquer, with zirconia particles for titanium abutments.  It masks the metal with a layer of only 25-50 microns and has an excellent bond strength of 35 MPa.  whiteMetal is intended to be covered by a restoration and not designed to be left exposed.


BIO |  Three implants, prosthetics and instrumentation are fully compatible with Astra Tech Dental® implant system.

MPA  Multi Purpose Abutments:  Abutments can be used as an implant level impression transfer and the final abutment.

Kits include MPA Abutment, Analog and Fixation Screw.