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Rescue Me Kit

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Rescue Me Kit



The Rescue Me Kit includes the following:

MLX1 - Proximators 2mm straight fine serrated

MLX5 - Proximators bernard fine serrated

MVD16 - Micro root forceps 5'' 90-degree angle gold plated (Modified)

FP2 - Flexible periotome 2mm curved fine serrated gold blade

FP3 - Flexible periotome 3mm straight fine serrated gold blade

FP10 – Non-flex screwdriver root extraction black handle straight

MVD10 - Extraction forceps medium grip locking cross spring

PDM18 - Canine periosteal elevators D/E (Modified)

PDM19 - Feline periosteal elevators D/E (Modified)

VM13 - Round #3 scalpel handle

FP10M – Modified root extractor screwdriver offset black handle

MCM8 - Metal case to hold 11 instruments with silicone matt