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Shining 3D FabWash

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Picture of FabWash resin washing station option for Shining 3D FabWash product (
FabWash resin washing station
Picture of FabWash resin washing station option for Shining 3D FabWash product (



- Consistent, Automated Workflow
- Automated Part-Release
- One Size Fits All
- Never Think About Wash Time Setting Again
- Easy To Use, Safeguards Your Workplace




Support provided by Shining 3D and Blue Sky Bio.

One year warranty from date of delivery offered by Shining 3D.

U.S. sales only.

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Printer Compatibility:                                                   AccuFab-D1s, AccuFab-L4D/L4K
Product Weight & Dimensions:                              15KG
                                                                                                    34*30.3*45 cm
Height when open:                                                          75 cm
Bucket Volume:                                                                 9.5L
Maximum Part Size:                                                       199*124*180 mm
Suggested Operating Environment:                    10~30℃ / 30%~70%RH
Suggested Transportation Environment:        -10℃~70℃
Agitation Method:                                                            Magnetically coupled impeller      
Include Accessories:                                                       Wash Bucket / Wash Basket / Scraper / Brush
                                                                                                     The adapter / Quick Guide
Power Requirements:                                                    100–240 V / 2.0A 50/60 Hz
                                                                                                     24V / 150 W     
Compatible Solvent:                                                       > 75% alcohol, IPA, Water
Connectivity:                                                                       Wi-Fi
User Controls:                                                                    1.54 inch OLED & Rotary knob
Safety Sensors:                                                                   Automatic start/stop sensors; Build platform detection sensor
                                                                                                     Solvent bucket detection sensor; Safety pressure sensor
                                                                                                      Emergency stop switch
Product Features:                                                              Automatic part release function; Automatic predefined wash/dry function
                                                                                                      User programmable wash/dry option