FREE Case Planning for Single Tooth Surgical Guides

For Blue Sky Bio customers using our Fully Keyless Guided Kits, using our implants and purchasing STL exports.


Blue Sky Bio customers are exclusively eligible for free single tooth case planning services for guided surgery. To be eligible:
·        the case must be planned and executed with a Blue Sky Bio dental implant.
·        the customer must own a Blue Sky Bio fully guided keyless surgical kit (item codes: GSKMNP, GSKIH, GSKQ).
·        the case must be planned in Blue Sky Plan software.
To receive this service please email Once you are confirmed to meet the registration requirements a coupon code for 50 single tooth cases will be issued to you. After you have used the service 50 times you will be eligible for a complimentary BSB dental implant of your choice and another coupon code for the next 50 single tooth planning cases.
1.   Visit, (login or register if necessary)
2.   Complete the order form and attach relevant CT scan and Model Scan.
3.   Ensure you enter the BSB dental implant item code.
4.   Enter the coupon code and checkout. Price will drop to 0 after entering the coupon code.

The completed digital plan will be sent to you via Blue Sky Plan software.  You can then export and print the surgical guide in-house or order via LabPronto.