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JUELL 3D-3 Printer Packages

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 SizePart #PriceQty.
Juell 3D-3 Printer, Dell laptop, Juell 3D Flash OC Software, Remote Training/Installation
$7,310 does NOT include $450 shipping

Additional Supplies

 SizePart #PriceQty.
JUELL 3D Volo, Clear,4kg 70/100 microns
JUELL 3D Volo, White,4kg, 70/100 microns
JUELL 3D Volo, Caramel,4kg, 70/100 microns
JUELL 3D Micro Volo, White, 4kg, 50 microns
JUELL 3D Micro Volo-Ortho, Stone Peach, 4kg, 50 microns
JUELL 3D Mrcro Volo, Charcoal, 4kg, 50 microns
JUELL 3D Micro VoloCast, Blue, 4kg, 50 microns

JUELL 3D-3 Printer Details:

  • JUELL™ 3D-3 is one of the fastest 3D printers on the market today. Builds at speeds as fast as 4.5 seconds per layer.
  • Print a tray of orthodontic models for complete clear aligner treatment in less than 18 minutes without compromising resolution or accuracy.
  • Enhanced UV/DLP/LED technology and JUELL™ 3D Flash OC software projects an HD image with 1920 x 1080 resolution.
  • Print from an intra-oral or tabletop scanner using .stl, .obj, .3ds or .amf files.
  • Print jobs are scalable. Build a quadrant or 18 arches and the layer build time remains the same.
  • The printer can print at 50 microns including the x,y and z axis in combination.
  • Print 6-8 horizontal models or 12-18 vertical.
  • One kilo of resin can print approximately 67 surgical guides.
  • Cost of model is $1.35-$2.45 depending on model height and volume.
  • The machine's footprint is 16 x 20 x 28 inches/55 lbs.
  • Click here for warranty information.
  • Click here for JUELL 3D specification sheet.

The printer will include:
JUELL 3D-3 printer
JUELL Flash OC Software
4 hours of remote training w/JUELL 3D specialist
Starter membrane pack
Remote Installation and training is provided at no additional cost by Park Dental Research.  The 3D printer is manufactured by Park Dental Research and they are responsible for delivery, installation, warranty and service of the 3D printer.  All questions regarding the printer, operation, delivery, installation, training, and service should be directed to:

Park Dental Research

Phone:  800-243-7372


*$7,310 does NOT include $450 shipping fee which includes special packaging, shipping, and insurance.  A JUELL™ 3D specialist will contact you after purchase to arrange remote installation and training.  Ask about special training in the convenience of your office with a JUELL 3D specialist for a nominal fee.  Limited One Year Warranty. 30-day return policy with 15% restocking fee.

Training on designing and fabricating surgical guides is provided remotely by Blue Sky Bio.  Blue Sky Bio products included in the package ship separately.