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Versamill 5X450

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Versamill 5X450
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(not including freight) option for Versamill 5X450 product (
Versamill 5X450$61800.00

Freight is not included in the price and will be calculated on an individual basis.  Includes 3 days of training at the Wixom Corporate Training Center in Michigan.  Installation is easy and can be completed by the purchaser.  If installation is requested an additional $1,500 plus expenses will be charged.  2 year limited warranty on the mill and 1 year on the spindle.



The Versamill 5X-450 based digital dental manufacturing system supports the manufacturing of multiple copings, crowns, bridges, inlays/onlays, abutments, dental bars and implant bridges.


- 5-Axis dental milling center capable of 5-Axis simultaneous machining including undercuts.

- Closed-loop position control assures accuracy and eliminates frequent  machine calibrations

- Machine wide variety of materials - including: zirconia, glass-ceramics, wax, Ultimate, titanium & more.

- Ideal for the production of bridges, copings, inlays, onlays crowns, models, and more - even titanium abutments.

- Long tool life and superior surface finishes due to extreme stability and minimum vibration.

- Flexible universal fixturing for quick adaption to different materials and restoration types.

- Integrated HSM machine control.

- Open architecture design compatible with industry standard software for easy integration into a complete manufacturing solution.



Travel Limits (X,Y & Z Axis) 235mm X-Axis, 116mm Y-Axis, 130mm Z-Axis
Travel Limits (A & B Axis) ± 180 Degrees A-Axis, ± 30 Degrees/± 35 Degree w/C-Clamp B-Axis,
Maximum Feedrate (X,Y & Z Axis) 6,000 mm/min
Repeatability ±5.0µm
Spindle 60,000 RPM 1.28kW Air Cooled
Automatic Tool Changer 12 Tools w/Tool Breakage Sensor
Rectangular Material Block 100mm X 100mm X 28mm
Circular Material Block 98.3Ø Disc
Machine Dimensions 603mm (W) X 674m (L) X790mm (H)
Installation Space 603mm (W) X 674mm (L) X 1734mm (H)
Machine Stand Dimensions 603mm (W) X 674mm (L) X 944 (H)
Weight 263 kg
Drive Mechanism Ball Screw
Way System Linear Guide
Power 240 VAC 50/60 Hz Single Phase, 5.5 amps
Clamp Diameter/Tool Shank 6.0mm


The flagship of our Versamill compact-machine lineup is our Versamill 5X450 precision dental machining center. With its 1.28kW spindle, it is the most powerful spindle in its class.  The 5X450 is designed to perform reliably with high precision for the long term. Optomized for custom abutment fabrication from pre-milled blanks, it can process any dental material from zirconia and PMMA to delicate glass ceramics— and even titanium CAD/CAM discs.

With the versamill 5X450 you get a complete, industrial-quality manufacturing solution used by dental laboratories and milling centers around the world that is specifically designed to meet the demanding support requirements of dental laboratores & milling centers.

Installation, training, service, repair and warranty provided by, Axsys Dental Solutions, Inc.

One year after purchase Axsys will contact its customers and offer a PersonalCARE Support Programs.  The Gold package is $2,500 a year.  Click here to review the PersonalCARE datasheet.