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Demineralized Bone Putty

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OsteoSelect® DBM Putty .5cc.
OsteoSelect® DBM Putty 1cc.


OsteoSelect® DBM Putty is engineered with the surgeon in mind. With exceptional handling characteristics, OsteoSelect can be easily molded into any shape and compressed into bony voids. Taking the design a step further, Bacterin has validated a low-dose, low-temperature gamma sterilization process to provide maximum osteoinductive potential while still affording device level sterility. OsteoSelect DBM Putty carries the STERILE R claim (SAL 10 -6)

  • Not all commercially available putties are terminally sterilized.
  • 74% DBM by dry mass – Higher than many DBM putties on the market.

Superior Handling Characteristics 
The formulation of OsteoSelect DBM Putty was engineered to optimize the handling properties.

  • More cohesive than most currently available formulations.
  • Resists movement under direct irrigation
  • OsteoSelect does not ‘dry’ or ‘set up’ like epoxy before or after implantation.
  • Better handling than most DBM putties.

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