Tri-layer Synthetic Membrane

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Tri-layer Synthetic Membrane

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Epi-Guide 18mm x 30mm


Epi-Guide® is fabricated from polylactic acid and is the only bio-resorbable 
synthetic membrane with a unique 3-layer technology to provide predictable 
healing while maintaining sufficient rigidity.


Actual Size is 18X30 mm
Embossed side faces away 
from the tooth’s surface.

Layer 3: Gingival Interface
Numerous voids and intercommunicating pathways enhance fibroblast infiltration and cell attachment.

Layer 2: Inner Surface
Inner labyrinth catches pathways, while internal chambers enable collateral circulation and flow of interstitial fluid in the membrane.

Layer 1: Defect Interface
Limited porosity supports an uptake of fluid, helps adherence to the tooth surface, and inhibits fibroblast movement.

Epi-Guide is indicated for use as an adjunct to periodontal restorative surgeries in the treatment of periodontal defects following established surgical procedures.

The Epi-Guide Bioresorbable Barrier Matrix is a membrane designed for use as an adjunct to periodontal restorative surgeries and assists in the regeneration of bone and periodontal support tissues. It is a porous, three-dimensional matrix fabricated from D, D-L, L polylactic acid, a bioresorbable polymer with a long history of safe medical use. The barrier’s three-layer construction is deigned to attract, trap, and retain fibroblasts and epithelial cells while maintaining space around teeth for development of bone and periodontal support tissues. The Epi-Guide maintains its architecture and structural integrity for 20 weeks after implantation with complete bioresorption between 6-12 months.

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