Demineralized Cortical Plate Membrane

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Demineralized Cortical Plate Membrane

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OsteoWrap - 10mm x 10mm 1/pk
OsteoWrap - 15mm x 15mm 1/pk


OsteoWrap® is a 100% human cortical bone demineralized through a proprietary process making the graft flexible while maintaining allograft material integrity. Easily cut and shaped for various defect sizes, it has a unique malleability that helps in dental membrane placement. Following hydration, it can be folded, rolled, trimmed, and/or sutured, making it an ideal scaffold that acts like a barrier membrane, but will remodel and function like bone in the defect. OsteoWrap is approved for all dental indications.

Mechanical and Biological Characteristics

  • Osteoconductive & osteoinductive properties.
  • Flexible handling properites.
  • Radiolucent to allow for accurate follow-up assessment of bone formation.
  • Sterile, roon-temperature storage, 5-year shelf life

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